Translating and Editing

We offer professional Spanish-to-English translation services for all types of content (see below for our most frequently requested jobs).

With fluency in both languages and a deep understanding of academic terminology and conventions, we ensure accurate and nuanced translations that maintain the integrity and clarity of the original content. Whether conveying complex research findings, creating a compelling narrative, or presenting professional credentials, we are committed to delivering high-quality translations that meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our comprehensive editing service will improve all aspects of your paper. In addition to polishing the language, we will, when appropriate, make comments and suggestions on improving the flow and organization of your paper, pointing out instances of redundancy and repetition, clarifying and simplifying hypotheses, methods, and procedures, and offering suggestions to emphasize the impact and relevance of your findings.

We accept almost any type of document, but our most frequently demanded jobs are as follows:

Journal Article

Our translators and editors are experienced writers who have successfully published research and review articles. Educated to doctoral level, we have experience working with authors from a broad range of academic departments. Our expert knowledge of the style and tone required of high-quality scientific publications will ensure that you receive a well-presented manuscript that does justice to all your hard work.

From research and review articles to meta-analyses, case studies, editorials, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, short communications, brief reports, and rebuttal letters, we specialize in optimizing the quality of manuscripts across a wide spectrum of journal submissions.

Collaborating with academics across a variety of scientific disciplines, we have helped authors to successfully publish manuscripts on a variety of topics. Below is just a small sample of the subjects that we have supported:

  • Interventions and joint attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Modeling approaches to precision machining processes.
  • Contraception and sexual health research.
  • Attitude modification towards disability in early childhood education.
  • Professional learning communities in educational settings.
  • Psychological and emotional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on university students and children.
  • Developmental psychology, with a focus on working memory and inhibitory control in early childhood.
  • Health behaviors and protective strategies, e.g., treating alcohol and substance use disorders.
  • Assessment and validation of measurement tools.
  • Learning strategies in teacher training.
  • Social inclusion and satisfaction among migrants.
  • Effects of social media training on cognitive training effectiveness.
  • Visual attention in deaf individuals.
  • Leadership in educational settings.
  • Impulsivity and reward processing.
  • Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) and its impact on life satisfaction.
  • Sustainable and intelligent materials in construction engineering.
  • Advancements in oro-facial surgical techniques.


For most academics, their first encounter with serious writing comes in the form of producing a thesis, essay, or dissertation. Having been students ourselves, we understand your struggles and will convert your writing into a stylish, error-free piece that will ensure that the only thing upon which you are evaluated is the quality of your work and ideas.

Grant applications

Presenting applications with clarity, coherence, and alignment with grant guidelines plays a key role in transforming promising research proposals into compelling narratives that secure essential funding for projects. We have had the privilege of assisting academics in translating, refining, and polishing their grant applications, resulting in successful funding awards. Through meticulous editing, we have helped researchers effectively communicate their ideas, methodologies, and the significance of their work to funding agencies.

Other documents

We also work on a range of other document types, including:

  • Presentation materials: Ensuring clarity, coherence, and visual appeal to effectively convey research findings or project proposals.
  • Question summaries for thesis panels: Condensing complex topics into concise and engaging summaries to facilitate discussion and evaluation.
  • Peer reviews for journals: Providing constructive feedback and ensuring adherence to journal guidelines for rigorous and fair evaluation.
  • CVs: Enhancing clarity, organization, and professionalism to highlight academic achievements and qualifications effectively.
  • Job applications: Tailoring application materials to showcase relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments for academic or professional positions.
  • Letters of recommendation: Crafting compelling and personalized recommendations that highlight the strengths and qualifications of candidates.
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